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A brand new collection of presets perfect for the season ahead. From beautiful warm tones, rich oranges, darker shadows and just that all round Autumn Vibes this collection is just what your photographs need!


Included in the collection:


01 - Subtle warm tones. Brighter reds and oranges. Lighter shadows.

02 - Cooler yellow tones, warmer oranges, warm lighter browns, lighter shadows. 

03 - Moodier contrast. Orange warm tones. Rich browns. Warmer whites.

04 - Warms tones, dreamy light haze, whites remain but softer and slightly warmer.

05 - Subtle greener toned warmth. Hazy light. Lighter shadows.

06 - Brighter whites, lighter oranges and reds. Lighter shadows. Lighter browns.

07 - Lighter colours, warm shadows and light.

08 - Moody, darker whites and shadows. Deep rich reds.

09 - Moody but lighter through highlights and whites. Dark shadows. Warmth. 

10 - Lighter moody tones. Lighter oranges and reds.

11 - Beautifully warm, brighter whites.

12 - Dark moody, bold darker tones throughout. 

13 - Moody tones, hazy light, darker shadows. Lighter oranges. Less saturated colours.

14 - Warm oranges and reds, cooler whites and shadows.

15 - Contrast and warmth through the shadows. Warm tones.

16 - Moody browns, reds and oranges. Whites cooler toned.

17 - Contrast, rich browns, highlights through the whites.

18 - Hazy tones, lighter oranges and reds.

19 - Moody but subtle. Darker shadows, warm whites. A darker preset.

20 - Beautiful warm and light with contrast and depth to the colours. 


When you purchase the preset pack you will receive a zipped file, you will need to unzip it using Files (Android) or double-tapping on the file in downloads (iPhone). You will then need to install them into Lightroom by adding them as a photo. You can find full instructions here:


Presets are nonrefundable due to the digital product nature. Therefore all sales are final. If you require help with installing the presets (after checking the instructions step by step, please contact @littlepaperswanpresets or email 


I would love to see your photos so do please tag using @littlepaperswanpresets or #LittlePaperSwanPresets

Autumn Collection Lightroom Mobile Presets 20 Pack