This is the Print At Home Pack. If you don't have a printer, you can find the Send To Me Pack here. 


Get the kids involved in getting creative and outdoors in nature!


Join in a 12 prompt photo scavenger hunt. 2 challenges each week of the summer holidays. All activities are ones that don’t cost a penny, just a little bit of time together and creativity. Of course, it’s not just for kids, adults can join in too!


12 Challenges


Each challenge is simple and can be completed on a walk. Enabling you to connect with nature and then get creative by taking a photograph of the prompt. You can get as creative as you like or you can simply document the moment. 


Share online (if you want)


You can then join a wonderful community online and share your photographs on Instagram using the hashtag #thebigsummerphotohunt . You can then connect with others who are also doing the challenge all over the country. Of course, you don’t have to and you can keep the photographs private, there’s no pressure on sharing. 


Badges for the challenge.


In the Print At Home Pack, the badges are paper ones you can cut out and make.

#thebigsummerphotohunt Print At Home Pack